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Kammarieb Private Reserve measures roughly 1 500 ha (3 700 acres) and is located about 35km west of the town of Philippolis in the Free State Province.  On its western side Kammarieb borders on the Vanderkloof Dam - the second largest dam in South Africa.  The 

Topography of the area ranges from rolling hills and ridges to valleys and dales with altitude ranging from 1410 m to 1230 m. Geologically the area consists mainly of dolerite hills and ridges (intrusive rock formations) with valleys and dales characterised by grey or red-brown mudstone and shale of the Beaufort Group.


Fauna and Flora

Kammarieb Private Reserve is fully stocked with all species of common plains game including giraffe, cape eland, kudu, mountain zebra, oryx, waterbuck and many other species.  Game watching, whether on a game drive, while hiking or while relaxing on the veranda is an on-going activity.  More than 180 bird species have been identified in Kammarieb.  Being situated on the Vanderkloof Dam provides an opportunity to spot many water bird species that are seldom seen in the arid Karoo. 


The region that Kammarieb is situated in has been labelled by Acocks (1953) as False Upper Karoo veld type and later by Hoffman (1996) as the Eastern Mixed Nama Karoo veld type.  This area represents an ecotone between the Nama Karoo in the west and the grass veld biome in the east and north.  Only 1% of this veld type is currently protected in reserves. 

Due to its remoteness, Kammarieb operates completely off-grid and electricity is provided through wind and solar energy systems. The exception is a small amount of LP gas used for indoor cooking. Renewable electricity generated from wind and solar is stored in a battery bank ensuring a continuous electricity supply even on cloudy and windless days . Hot water is generated through woodburning geysers called “donkeys”. All wood is sustainably harvested from Acacia Karoo trees on Kammarieb.  The chalets and central entertainment unit are electrified but use of appliances such as hairdryers and clothing irons cannot be accommodated.

Whilst Kammarieb may be off-grid you won’t be offline. The central entertainment unit and Chalet 3 both provide wi-fi internet which is sufficient for streaming. Cellular reception is limited however, calls can be made through our VOIP phone line. 

Sustainable Living

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